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The Best Method of Learning English by AJ Hoge - Learn Naturally and Playfully Like a Child.

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Start Improving Your Pronunciation!

Unfortunately, most English Pronunciation courses use very old methods.

Most pronunciation courses only teach you how to make individual sounds in English. For example, you might learn how to make the /r/ and the /l/ sound.

But that’s not enough. Simply practicing single sounds will NOT help you develop a perfect accent.

With the Effortless Pronunciation 5 Step Training method, you TRAIN like an athlete. You develop the skill of excellent pronunciation.

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Improve your English speaking even if you're still a beginner

Most people never learn never learn, so they continue making some mistakes again and again.

They take a lot of English classes,... doing a lot of drills, exercises, dialogues, and class activities...

Or, they try to improve alone... studying endless grammar books, vocabulary lists, textbooks, sample TOEFL tests,...

The problem with both of these methods? They don't work - They are NOT successful. They are expensive. They are slow and boring...

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Speak English powerfully and fluently

Now is the time for you to speak English confidently. Study these powerful English lessons and improve your English speaking!

With Power English lessons, when used daily, makes you understand and speak English more powerfully? When you use the Mini-Story lessons every day, you improve your speaking and listening speed by answering simple questions as quickly as possible.

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If you don't understand you will learn nothing

Success with English starts inside you. You must FEEL strong every time you speak English. When you feel strong and powerful you notice that everything improves.

Other people become VERY interested in you. They listen to you. They want to hear your ideas and opinions. They respect you. You also notice that you speak faster,.. and you speak more clearly.

Unfortunately, strong positive emotion is not automatic. You must practice feeling strong every time you speak English. When you learn how to create positive emotion EVERY TIME you speak English, you will be AMAZED at your success.